Mission statement

    International Medical Technology Inc “IMT” design and develop new innovative cost effective medical devices, with one purpose in mind, to improve the quality of life of patients all over the globe.
       Company History

    IMT incorporated in 1998. The company was devoted manly for research and development of medical devices for the management of several ailments, which have been difficult to manage over the years.

    The inventor and the founder of the company Fouad A Salama MD. Is an internal medicine specialist, who had been exposed to different challenging situations during his medical career?

    One of the new devices is Colosafe which used to control the flow of the colon content through the stoma. This will eliminate all the old schooling and management of colostomy patients with all the existing drawbacks “using adhesive to apply the flange to the skin with significant skin irritation, using the bag 24/7 which is impressing and there is always a chance of separation of the bag where disaster does happened ….etc” most of this patient are staying in a closet afraid of socializing, traveling,…etc.

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